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i'm kate. the rest i'm still trying to work out. reaching for the stars circa 1994

I’ve decided that this blog is coming to an end. I’ve spent much too long revelling in my own sadness, trying only half-heartedly to get better. Winding up in the hospital was meant to be my wake-up call; instead, every day since I’ve hoped only to plan, to try again, and to succeed. I can’t continue like this. I have to try harder this time, really try. Fuck this ideology of cutting and suicide being so poetically beautiful; it’s not. It’s fucked. It’s ugly, it’s selfish, and it’s wrong. Stop it. Get help. Try. I am.
Message me if you want to follow my pursuit of happiness. For all the rest, nice knowing you all. Kate

Salvador Dalí - The Head of Medusa (1962)
Watercolor, 50 x 64 cm. 
Private collection
so this happened.

Alright since I’m not a commercial artist and I have appx. ZERO aspirations to sell my artwork EVER here is a sneak peek of my progress on this piece. 
More monsters to come. I love monsters they are my warm place.